Online Application Software Overview

Financial Firebird's Online Application Software gives you the ability to produce your own real-time leads or loan applications. The application is customizable to reflect your industry and no programming or installation is necessary. Currently Financial Firebird provides a secure auto loan application or mortgage 1003 application for you to place on your website. See the prices page for the fee structure that starts as low as $100/year.

General Facts

  • Real time delivery

  • Instant notification each time a potential customer applies

  • Increase business 50%-100% by using a secure form

  • Customized banner matching your logo or graphics come with each subscription

  • Obtain applications from desired geographic locations only

  • Upgrades will soon include data transfer to Calyx or Genesis.

  • The system can be working for you the same day.

FlexApp 1003 mortgage application software from Financial Firebird Corporation allows the applicant three options.

  • The applicant my choose to enter and deliver only the list page of the application which contains approximately 25 fields of information - this is the minimum amout of information allowed.

  • The potential borrower may submit a 'mini-app' which is 2 pages of information including more detailed information about the client assets and liabilities.

  • Serious customers will complete the full 1003 application form with additional fields such as best time to call and an authorization to pull credit.

System Requirements

No installation or programming required.